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So here, at wedding.net we have compiled various ghodi baggi, wedding baggi, Palki and Doli Hire across the whole city of Ahmedabad where you can browse through their portfolio, contact them, discuss your budget and hire a Doli that truly reflects you.

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The concept of the wedding Doli is actually an age-old ritual. In fact, the Doli/Palkhi or the Palanquin was used to transport the royals and the members of the warrior class in the olden days from one place to another. Many couples who want an opulent traditional wedding ceremony often endeavor to recreate such royal weddings held in the past. The Doli formally marks the end of the wedding celebrations of a traditional Indian wedding ceremony. Though many modern weddings end with a grand Reception held in the evening; the Doli or Vidaai (or Bidaai) is, in fact, the official departure of the bride from her parental home to her husband’s home. The Doli thus adds an emotional element to the celebrations. It is often a tearful event, as the much-loved daughter leaves for her in-law's abode. So it's important that you plan your Doli and spend sufficient time in hiring perfect doli for your wedding. Aimlessly searching online will only get you too far.